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Wunsche Brothers Replica

This miniature façade shows Wunsche Brothers in about 1950

Created by a craftsman names Waldo, this miniature facade shows Wunsche Brothers in derelict condition about 1950. The detailed replica was created for Patsy Durham and is now on loan from her son, David Durham. Notice that the name on the front is Spring Cafe as it was called by Viola and Bernice, the two ladies who leased the building from the Wunsche family at that time.

The cafe, always a “beer joint”, became known for something else: its huge, juicy hamburgers made with freshly ground beef from Mallott’s Meat Market across the way. People from all around frequented the cafe for these prized burgers – and as specialty shops began to materialize, they stayed to purchase from the local merchants. One might safely say that Old town Spring built up around the burgers from the kitchen in the old Spring Cafe.

Wunsche Replical